Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Football Life


First XI for final match

1st Match

this story begins when i started playing futsal with those Vietnamese friends at my hostel since 2010. After playing for quite a long time, they decided and wanted to me join their football team (VFA) for the midweek league challenge 2011/12 organized by ESPZEN. I'm the only "Malaysian" that joined the Vietnam Football Team, they treated me like their brothers, took care of me.

Before the match starts, my coach advised me to wear contact lenses so that I can play better without specs thus prevent some injuries. Well, it took me almost 30mins to put on the contact lens. HAHA... finally managed to put them for just less than 1 min after trying for few times. Our team went for 3 months training under the ex-Singapore National Player which is also U-15 coach that guided us through with some agility, techniques, skills and fitness test.

So, the 1st match started in Aug and my team won the first game with 3-0. I played as wing-back/striker. Then we played the FA Plate finals at Singapore Sports School on Sunday 4th March. I was selected in the first XI to play as right back for the finals, the final results was 3-3 and due to the opponent's half goal advantage they won and we got 1st runner up. At least my dream came through and I was happy to play for the team and won the silverware medal for the 1st time in Singapore.


Jason~ooi said...

Make us proud mann!! Great Job!! and keep on blogging!

Ter Sern said...

ok.. XD